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Wingsland.org is an authorized dealer for ‘WINGSLAND szsungreen’

Our Highly Advanced Drones Range


Racing Drone with Optical Flow Positioning.

  • Our best drone for beginners
  • Can be flown outdoors and indoors with the propeller guards attached
  • WIFI FPV Micro Module Racing Drone
  • 3D Flip
  • Beginner level
  • In Door and Outdoor capable drones
  • On sale in stores all over the internet  (Click More Details And We Will  Point You In The Right Direction)

X1 Racing Drone, Great For Beginners.

Record 4K Video. Fits Right in Your Pocket .

  • Thinnest Drone For Sale With 4K Resolution
  • Attachment For 360 Degree Object Avoidance Available
  • Fantastic ‘Follow Me’ Flying Mode
  • True 4K Quality at 30fps

Wingsland S6 With 4K Camera RC Quadcopter

Very Affordable HD Drone , Fantastic For Beginners.

  • Stay Confident with a low battery/connection lose auto return home feature.
  • Flying made easy with First Person View (FPV) on the remote control
  • Large capacity smart battery
  • Up to 800m drone flying distance

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet With HD Camera RC Quadcopter

Record 4K Footage. One Key Take-Off/Landing.

  • 4K Full HD Camera With 24fps
  • Connects To Smart Phones and Tablets Via The K3 Drone App
  • Multiple super accurate positioning sensors
  • Auto Follow me mode

K3 Quadcopter With UltraHD 4k Camera

Very Portable 4K Camera Drone

  • Uses a Sony Lens Which is 4K UHD
  • Dual Satellite Navigation System
  • Built-in GPS in Remote Control
  • Intelligent Automatic Follow Me Mode
  • The M5 is available for sale now

M5 Quadcopter With UltraHD 4k Camera

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