Wingsland S6

Wingsland S6

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Whats is the difference between V1 and V2 of the S6?


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Model S6

Camouflage, Green Blood, Metallic Silver, Banana, Fresh Orange,

Subtle Acqua

Aircraft Weight 230g (included battery)
Diagonal Size 190mm
Aircraft Dimensions Unfolded: 138mm*169mm*26.8mm
Fold: 138mm*79mm*26.8mm



Package Weight 548g
Motors Brushless Motor, Model: 1106, 4300KV
Propellers 4 pairs (8 pieces) 3 inch



Max Flying Speed 8m/s
Max Flying Altitude 100m

Max Transmission


Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4GHz
Live View Quality 480p, 720p
Sensor 1/3.06 inch (CMOS), Effective Pixels: 13M
Lens FOV 117°, f/2.2, focus at ∞
Video Resolution 4K@30fps,1920*1080@60fps,3-axis Electronic Image stabilization
OS Requirement iOS 8.0 (or later), Android 4.4 (or later)
Control Modes Virtual Joystick Mode, Motion Sensitive Mode
Flight Modes

Beginner Mode, Standard Mode, Home Lock Mode, Course Lock


Positioning System Outdoor: GPS/GLONASS Dual-GPS System
Indoor: Infrared & Optical Flow Sensor



One-Key Take-off/Landing: Auto Take-off/Landing
One-Key Return-to-Home: The aircraft return to the last recorded home point automatically.
Point of Interest: The aircraft orbits the object automatically after adjusting the circling radius.
Follow Me: The aircraft will follow the operating mobile device automatically.
360°Photo: The aircraft rotates 360 degrees in place and takes 12 photos at the same time.
Flipping: The aircraft flips in the air.
Attachments Boom Boom toy gun, Searchlight, Emoji Display,(Object avoidance attachment will be released at a later late, join the S6 email list to be among the first to hear about release dates)
Certificates FCC, CE, SRRC, KCC (MSIP), NCC, WEEE, RoHS
Battery Type Li-Po 2S

Battery Capacity &


7.6V, 1400mAh
Max Flight Time Approx. 10 Mins (vary depending on environmental conditions and usage patterns)
Charging Port Micro USB (support portable power bank)
Charging Input 5V/1A-2A (self-adapted)
Charging Output 8.7V/0.5A-1A (self-adapted)

Flying in the dark is made possible by the unique attachments available for the S6, A Search light, Mini Toy Gun, Emoji Display Screen and Object avoidance attachment.

GPS and GLONASS Dual satellite navigation guarantee precise navigation and hover for outdoor flying, for indoor positioning where GPS in unavailable the Infrared and Optical flow sensor system will ensure the S6 knows where it is.
Losing your S6 is incredibly difficult with the low battery alarm and 2 return settings. The Wingsland S6 will fly back to its original take off position or to the operator’s position.

Operation is a breeze using the intelligent APP on almost any Android and iOS smart phone. Using this application, Beginner, normal, course lock and home point modes are all options. Your videos can be edited in the Wingsland S6 APP adding subtitles, combining your footage and adding music.
Using its precision flying sensors fantastic 360 photos are made possible of your location in or outdoors.

Wingsland S6 is the smart phone of the drone industry, being the thinnest 4K drone in the world and equipped with the latest in drone technology.

Weighing only 230 grams and being about the same size as the iPhone 6 the S6 is sure to please. With its 4k camera and many features you will be able to take the best photos and videos from all different heights and angels.

The ‘Follow Me’ mode means you can ride your bike, skateboard, play your sports or record family occasions without even needing to hold a controller, The Wingland S6 can fly its self so no one has to be standing behind the camera.

Its object avoidance attachment (will be available separately) and auto take-off/landing capabilities hugely decrease any chance of damage to the S6, Its fold away arms also make it easy to store without worry of snapping off parts.

Mini Cannon

Search Light

Wingsland S6 Flash Light

All-Around Obstacle Sensing & Avoidance  

Display Board

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ReadWhats is the difference between V1 and V2 of the S6?

It is near on impossible to find an old version of the S6 drone selling brand new in a store now.
Have you read some of our recent drone reviews? Many users are saying that the S6 in one of the best selfie drones for sale. Now that their have been some big firmware upgrades malfunctions almost are a thing of the past.
Wingsland has also opened a support center in the US which has improved customer service 10 fold, our latest customers are more than happy with the build quality of the S6 drone and the after sales service they are receiving from the US center. The Wingsland s6 may not be the longest flight time drone for sale for it is definitely the smartest for its tiny size.