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Our Highly Advanced Drones Range


Racing Drone with Optical Flow Positioning.

  • Our best drone for beginners
  • Can be flown outdoors and indoors with the propeller guards attached
  • WIFI FPV Micro Module Racing Drone
  • 3D Flip
  • Beginner level
  • In Door and Outdoor capable drones
  • On sale in stores all over the internet  (Click More Details And We Will  Point You In The Right Direction)

X1 Racing Drone, Great For Beginners.

Record 4K Video. Fits Right in Your Pocket .

  • Thinnest Drone For Sale With 4K Resolution
  • Attachment For 360 Degree Object Avoidance Available
  • Fantastic ‘Follow Me’ Flying Mode
  • True 4K Quality at 30fps

Wingsland S6 With 4K Camera RC Quadcopter

Very Affordable HD Drone , Fantastic For Beginners.

  • Stay Confident with a low battery/connection lose auto return home feature.
  • Flying made easy with First Person View (FPV) on the remote control
  • Large capacity smart battery
  • Up to 800m drone flying distance

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet With HD Camera RC Quadcopter

Record 4K Footage. One Key Take-Off/Landing.

  • 4K Full HD Camera With 24fps
  • Connects To Smart Phones and Tablets Via The K3 Drone App
  • Multiple super accurate positioning sensors
  • Auto Follow me mode

K3 Quadcopter With UltraHD 4k Camera

Very Portable 4K Camera Drone

  • Uses a Sony Lens Which is 4K UHD
  • Dual Satellite Navigation System
  • Built-in GPS in Remote Control
  • Intelligent Automatic Follow Me Mode
  • The M5 is available for sale now

M5 Quadcopter With UltraHD 4k Camera

This page shows the complete collection of drones for sale from the Wingsland company.

Right from the first drone released (Scarlett Minivet), to the latest release (Wingsland X1), you can rest assured that you will be buying a quality build.

The most current X1 drone is the best beginners drone for anyone learning how to fly. Weather you want to learn drone racing or professional camera drone operation it is the ideal starters pack.

The camera does not have the highest resolution but it does come with a very unique twist. The angle can be changed making it perfect for beginners.
When first starting off the X1’s camera can be faced forwards to match that of a normal drone operation.

Once the new flyer has got used to this easier way of flying, the camera can then be tilted upwards into racing drone set up.
This will allow the flyer to gain maximum speed by pitching the drone right forward, still being able to see what’s ahead.

If it is a clearer image you are after then consider the S6 selfie drone.

The S6 was the smallest 4k drone on the market at the time of release. Being so small makes it one of the best selfie drones to take on any adventure. It is foldable and comes with a hard case which easily fits in your pocket or backpack. When the drone’s arms are folded in the S6 is only a little bigger than the average smart phone.

Smart follow me mode is one of the best features of the S6 selfie drone. The operator can set the drone to follow them and capture their movements automatically. Meaning less time worrying about where the camera is pointing and more time for the user to enjoy the moment.

Just for fun the S6 has an attachment port located on top of the body. This allows for clicking in an emoji screen, boom boom gun or a flash light. Even though this selfie drone only weighs 230 grams it is exceptionally stable on a windy day.

The S6 definitely makes for one cool drone.

Another quadcopter that made the cool drones list on it’s release was the Scarlett Minivet. Minivet was the first drone Wingsland brought out, it is still for sale today around the world.

It is a good option drone for beginners too, but a little more expensive than the X1. So we suggest learning how to fly a drone first with the X1 and then step up to the Scarlett Minivet if drone photography is your thing.

The Minivet comes with a 5 inch screen attached to the top of the remote. As it is an older drone it does not connect to the Wingsland app like the latest models. This is definitely an advantage for a camera drone anyway, as it increases the flight range.

Obviously one of the biggest talked about things when looking to buy a drone is how much does it cost?

This question is very vast, it depends on what type someone is looking to buy and how experienced a drone pilot they are. If we are talking about a beginner flyer then spending anything over $150 would be stupid.

When learning it is very important to start with a strong bodied drone that can stand up to a few good hits. This is why we suggest the X1 drone, as it is under the $150 price, sometimes even under $100.

If a crash occurs with the X1, chances are the worst damage will be a broken drone propeller. These are so easy to change and swap over for the X1. Also the drone propellers are for sale very cheap all over the internet.

So how much does a drone cost for someone who has some flying knowledge and experience?

This still depends on how much experience. For someone that has learnt how to fly a cheap drone quite well but hasn’t yet flown any real expensive larger models it is still recommended not to go to pricy to quickly.

One of the biggest mistakes made by people is trying to advance to quickly. Many people see some cool drones that have amazing features, which are marketed to be ‘easy to fly’.

The truth is a lot of these are easy to fly, but things always go wrong when flying, their are a lot of variables, sometimes the auto functions fail and quick reaction is required to prevent a crash.

To help develop these piloting skills, try not to use any of the ‘helpful features’.

Just like driving a car with cruise control. If you learn to drive using it, then when in a car without cruise control it is hard to maintain the same speed. Same goes for drones, if auto landing, auto return home and altitude hold features are being used all the time, then the pilot isn’t going to have a clue how to operate if these features become unavailable.

If you are guilty of constantly using flight assist functions, to be safe it is better to get a mid range drone under $500 or even under 300. The Scarlett Minivet or S6 falls into this category.

You will still get incredible footage on these 2 quadcopters, they won’t cost an arm and a leg if their is a crash.

When the drone can be flown without the use of ‘easy to fly’ features, in many different flying conditions, then it is time to look at the more expensive drones for sale.

There are a huge range of expensive drones on the market. From farming agriculture type drones, survey drones, photography drones, racing drones, heavy lifting drones, delivery drones and many more.

If you are chasing the most popular type, which is generally for photography, then the K3 is ideal.

It has a 3 axis gimbal to provide smooth no bump filming. A 4K Sony lens camera for a very sharp image.

Of course, it is fitted with return home, battery failsafe, auto takeoff/landing, follow mode and many more advanced features.

Wingsland always like to do something different or add something unique. With the K3 it is the landing gear which folds up after take off and folds down before landing. K3 is basically the more modern drone compared to the Scarlett Minivet. It uses an updated remote controller and large screen for FPV (first person view)

It is Wingsland’s most advanced drone.

We are an approved wingsland dealer, But we also sell other great brands of drones, visit our drone shop

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