DJI Spark For Sale

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November 11, 2017

Dji Spark For Sale

So the DJI Spark has just been released for sale. This small handheld selfie drone is incredible and will be a huge competitor for the Wingsland S6 drone.

Or will it?

The S6 drone boasts a 4k camera, Spark is only full HD.
S6 has all around object avoidance (though not yet released), the DJI spark has front object avoidance sensors and landing sensors on its underbelly.

The weight is fairly similar for both mini drones with the S6 weighing only 230g (lightest 4K drone on the market) and the spark only 300g.

You will be able to get a controller for both of these drones though neither have been released yet.

Their are two big things that separate the S6 and the Spark.

The first one is the longest flight time drone, the DJI Spark smashes the S6 by 6 minutes with a 16 minute flight time compared to the Wingsland S6’s 10 minutes. Also the S6 flight time is severely decreased when it’s attachments are in use.

The next big thing is that though the S6 has been out for a year now it’s boasted features are still not working. Wingsland are still updating and working on the drone to make it as cool as they have advertised. The DJI Spark is for sale now with all of its features working.

So which drone is better?

You decide….
To buy a Wingsland S6 visit our S6 page
To buy a DJI Spark Click Here

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