About Wingsland.Org

Wingsland.org was created by E-Retail Marketing as an official dealer website to promote Wingsland products. Wingsland was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Our goal is to change the world with new ground breaking technology and products. They have spent years in research and developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products, for the entertainment industry, military, and now the mass market.

Our most popular product is the Scarlet Minivet drone, which has been sold in Europe and America and has gained many praises from customers. Our latest products are the M5 and K3 drones. These high-end drones, come with features that you wont find in any other drone available on the market today.

Our company has grown over the years and thanks to our supporters and customers, we will continue to grow and create amazing products for many years to come.